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Celebration with Farmers of Kamshet Village


AmbaGopal Foundation’s HOSH (Help Our Society Heal) initiative organised a day of celebration for all the farmers of Kamshet village.

Farmers are the backbone of our economy and they deserve our respect, support and gratitude.

Founder, Harish Shetty interacted with the farming community and conducted a session on the importance of organic farming. The session was aimed at acquainting farmers with the benefits of using organic compost, manure, green manure and techniques such as crop rotation and companion planting. Farmers were also introduced to modern organic concepts of farming such as biological pest control and mixed cropping. Here, villagers who had already begun organic farming shared their experiences too.

At the end of this session, the farmers of Kamshet took an oath to embrace the organic way of farming and save our nation and the world from life-threatening ailments caused by chemical pesticides.

The village women were also given utmost respect and importance. They participated in a Rangoli competition and received prizes. Every woman who had come for the celebration was gifted a traditional Nauvari sari.The farmers were gifted traditional Kurtas. The children of this community were delighted to receive school bags.

The celebration concluded with a sumptuous lunch for everyone.

Start: September 30’ 19
Finish: October 05’ 19
Location: Dark Spurt, San Francisco, CA 94528