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AmbaGopal Foundation

About Us

The AmbaGopal Foundation
A Legacy of Kindness

When parents are kind and giving, children learn to be generous. And so it was for Harish Shetty, who learned some valuable life lessons by watching his parents. His hotelier father, Gopal Shetty, has been a benevolent and caring employer for his staff. His mother, Amba Shetty has always been inspirational, keeping the faith in tough times and finding her happiness in helping others.

Establishing the AmbaGopal Foundation in their name is Harish’s way of paying tribute to his parents.

Today, the Foundation is invested in initiatives to restore health and prosperity to society. Hosh is one of the Foundation’s most impactful social initiatives. It works on multiple levels for social transformation:

  1. Awareness building
  2. Value Education
  3. Advocacy
  4. Motivating and Mobilizing citizens to take positive action.

Our Mission


The true and raw essence of nature has been lost over time.

 The essentiality upon which the foundations of nature were built has been forgotten as we were more invested in erecting the concrete jungle. That very fabric that defines us and our morals. Harish Shetty wishes to bring back……to rejuvenate those values established HOSH (Helping our Society Heal) in this attempt.

Our implausible elements on which we have built our fortune Air, Water, Soil… They have gotten worse. They have been ripped apart from their natural state and been polluted to a level at which the retrieval of life in them is getting near impossible.

The elements of our foundation are endangered and on the brink of extinction. At what cost did this happen? A tad bit of progress in Modernity? Science? The Rat Race? At the end who won? Who lost? Humans won but at a cost unpayable. Is that the kind of progress that mankind needs or requires?

Progress is necessary; it is vital for development. Without development, humans would remain where they were in the stone age. The spark of fire is what brought us here; together…. Us as a community.

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Meet our Team

Harish Shetty
Founder of AmbaGopal Foundation.

The AmbaGopal Foundation is a charitable institution founded by Harish Shetty as a tribute to his parents. The foundation has become synonymous with HOSH (Helping Our Society Heal), an impactful social initiative. HOSH is working at several levels to manifest Harish’s vision of a vibrant, healthy society. It advocates for citizens’ rights to clean air, clean water and clean soil. It is striving for policy changes that ban chemical pesticides in food. It conducts outreach programs for poor farmers and encourages them to use organic methods of cultivation. It collaborates with organizations like the Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital to raise awareness about the environmental impact on health. It conducts programs in colleges to strengthen the core values of the young and build future generations of giving, caring individuals.

Adv. Shyam Dewani
In active legal Practice for last 35 years across all courts in India- lower courts, tribunals, High courts in all States, Supreme Court of India. Area of practice includes a vast arena of Civil,Criminal, Corporate and Commercial litigation and infrastructure consultations. Appeared in more than thousand cases over the years having a huge cliental base in India and abroad. Hundreds of cases filed as PIL and assisted litigants free of cost in the larger interest of the society.
Dr. Sharmila Ghuge
Law Faculty since 17 years in Mumbai. Have secured Doctorate in Law, awarded at the hands of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in 2012. Published book on Legalizing Euthanasia and published several research articles in National and international law Journals. Presented several research papers in National and international conferences/seminars. Chaired sessions and invited as resource person across the country. Filed PIL in larger interest of Public.
Dr. Anju Kapoor
Dr Anju Kapoor has a Phd in Psychology with 3 decades of experience as a lecturer, practicing counselor & now head of institution for past 6 years in a college affiliated to Mumbai University. Dr Kapoor believes that positivity and health are interconnected. She practices this ideology in her private practice as well to heal and improve well being in the community.
Dr. Dilip Shankarrao Patil
Dr. Dilip Shankarrao Patil, age 56, has a military background with a farmer’s heart. He is double graduate in Arts with Economics & Political Science & Rural Development and has Post Graduation and Ph.D. in Arts with Rural Development. Dr Patil is working as an observer for UGC NET / SET & BARC Young Scientist Exam. He is a member of various advisory committees in Mumbai Municipal Corporation, and various Universities in India, At present Peer team member of NAAC - UGC Banglore. He represented India in Eleven International Conferences and associated with Nirmiti Youth Foundation (an NGO of ex NSS volunteers of Ruia College, Matunga) implementing developmental projects in tribal part of Vasai.
Shri. S H Jafri
Shri S H Jafri is an international patient advisor and senior public relations officer at tata memorial hospital. In order to be patient centric Jafri sirs team and services are organized around the site of the disease in the form of Disease Management Group (DMG’s). The DMGs have multidisciplinary skills and expertise in a particular field of cancer from which patients can benefit. Jafri sir has been dedicatedly servicing the patients for the past 28 years.
Prof. B.S. Bidve
Prof. B.S. Bidve is an M. A., Diploma in Higher Edu. He is the head of department for the EVS Department, University of Mumbai. Prof Bidve has many achievements from being a NAEP Programme officer for 5+ years, NSS Programme Officer for 18+ years, Chief conductor and Senior Supervisor for University Examination and many more. Sir has published several research papers as well. He is involved with several NGO’s at the district and state level.

Our Supporters

As the premier cancer centre in the country, we will provide leadership for guiding the national policy and strategy for cancer care by: Promoting outstanding service through evidence based practice of oncology Emphasis on research which is affordable, innovative and relevant to the needs of the country Committed to providing education in cancer for students, trainees, professionals, employees and the public

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