International Day for Elderly People 2018

A few days ago Ambagopal Foundation celebrated International Elderly Day with elders from the Vile Parle area at Birla Garden, Juhu. The Garden was abuzz with Senior citizens enjoying a morning of singing and dancing to old favorites. This was a wonderful opportunity for them to interact and feel appreciated for their contribution to society. The Foundation had also organized an educational talk to make them familiar with the benefits of eating organic food for a healthy life ahead.

Our Foundation is involved in raising awareness about issues affecting the elderly. According to Population Census 2011 there are nearly 104 million elderly persons (aged 60 years or above) in India. The number of elderly persons is expected to grow every year or over time in large number.

Deteriorating health, malnutrition, homelessness, isolation, depression, and financial incapacity are common problems that accompany ageing, globally.

The Elders of a nation are actually its treasure because of their long accumulated knowledge, wisdom and experience. They are the best teachers for the young, who may be brilliant but surely require some guidance. There is much to learn from them in life-lessons for self-esteem, self-respect and self-discipline.

By supporting them in taking care of themselves, our Foundation aims to create a healthier, happier and more inclusive society. At the end of this program, the elders enjoyed a deliciously, healthy vegan breakfast. It was a memorable morning of joy, happiness and sharing.

Peace walk 2018

On 2nd October, AmbaGopal Foundation commemorated Gandhi Jayanti by implementing Gandhiji’s famous counsel ‘Be The Change’.

As part of its initiative to raise awareness about the indiscriminate use of harmful chemicals and fertilizers in our food, our Foundation led a Peace March from Gandhiji’s statue at Juhu till Birla Garden. The march was attended by senior citizens, college students and professors from Mithibai College, local leaders and many others.

Its purpose was to create awareness among members of the society about their right to clean air, food and water.

The participants gathered at Birla Garden at the end of the Peace March and listened with interest as Founder member of Ambagopal Foundation, Mr. Harish Shetty spoke about the critical role that organic food plays in our daily life. It is only a matter of time before these efforts for social awakening bear fruit and transform our society into a more healthier society.

Celebration with Farmers of Kamshet Village

AmbaGopal Foundation’s HOSH (Help Our Society Heal) initiative organised a day of celebration for all the farmers of Kamshet village. We all know that farmers are the backbone of our economy and they deserve our respect, support and gratitude.

Founder, Harish Shetty interacted with the farming community and conducted a session on the importance of organic farming. The session was aimed at acquainting farmers with the benefits of using organic compost, manure, green manure and techniques such as crop rotation and companion planting. Farmers were also introduced to modern organic concepts of farming such as biological pest control and mixed cropping. Here, villagers who had already begun organic farming shared their experiences too.

At the end of this session, the farmers of Kamshet took an oath to embrace the organic way of farming and save our nation and the world from life-threatening ailments caused by chemical pesticides.

The village women were also given utmost respect and importance. They participated in a Rangoli competition and received prizes. Every woman who had come for the celebration was gifted a traditional Nauvari sari.The farmers were gifted traditional Kurtas. The children of this community were delighted to receive school bags.

The celebration concluded with a sumptuous lunch for everyone.

Diwali Celebration - 2018

AmbaGopal Foundation celebrated Diwali with the villagers of Hiwali, Nashik. The people of this village are very poor. Most of them are daily wage laborers who earn minimal wages, just enough to survive. And because of such grave financial situations they cannot afford any indulgences for the festival, not even new clothes. The Foundation believes in the joy of giving and it chose to make this festival of lights a truly radiant one for the villagers. It distributed new clothes among the villagers – young and Old.

The school children of the village were also showered with affection and presents of new clothes.

Diwali Celebration at Tata Memorial Hospital 2018

Ambagopal Foundation celebrated Diwali with pediatric cancer patients from the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. The survival rate of children with cancer is very low and this makes it emotionally tougher for them and their families.Since Diwali is the festival of lights, we wanted to share hope and happiness all around. How can one’s celebration be complete when there are so many children who are just a breath away from death?

The Foundation wished to bring some love and laughter therapy for these children, and it did so by organizing a sparkling Diwali celebration for them. Music, dance and a magic show – the children were happy with every aspect of the celebration. They were also delighted to tuck into a delicious, healthy meal to complete the festivities.