‘A healthy mind in a healthy body ultimately, makes for a healthy society.’

At AmbaGopal Foundation, it is our mission to strive for the Holistic Health of Society.

There are many factors responsible for the degeneration of society. By focusing on the ones that need immediate attention, we hope to make a significant change.

Through our social initiatives, such as Hosh, we are:

  • Adding strength to the Organic Movement through advocacy. This includes an ongoing petition campaign for banning chemical pesticides in food. We are educating people about their fundamental right to clean air, clean water and clean food. We are also reaching out to farmers to encourage and support them to use organic methods of cultivation.
  • Mobilizing the youth. We are involved in awareness and empathy building activities among the youth. Our aim is to sensitize them and take their help in making our society a more humane and inclusive one. Through our collaborations with colleges and other educational institutions we conduct various activities for improving the core values of the youth and increasing their understanding of social issues.
  • Supporting people to eat healthy and recover from chronic ailments. As the founder of Aharveda, Harish Shetty conducts regular seminars to spread awareness about nutrition and the power of food in holistic healing. The Foundation also collaborates with institutions such as Tata Memorial Hospital for Marathons for Cancer Awareness.