The AmbaGopal Foundation – A legacy of kindness

When parents are kind and giving, children learn to be generous. And so it was for Harish Shetty, who learnt some valuable life lessons by watching his parents. His hotelier father, Gopal Shetty, has been a benevolent and caring employer for his staff. His mother, Amba Shetty has always been inspirational, keeping the faith in tough times and finding her happiness in helping others.

Establishing the AmbaGopal Foundation in their name is Harish’s way of paying tribute to his parents.

Today, the Foundation is invested in initiatives to restore health and prosperity to society. Hosh is one of the Foundation’s most impactful social initiatives. It works on multiple levels for social transformation:

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Harish Shetty’s point of view

By definition, ‘Society’ means “a body of individuals living as members of a community”. We are meant to live in cooperation and togetherness.

However, in reality, society is becoming more fragmented. At the heart of this division is fear. When our actions are motivated by fear, the outcome is seldom for the greater good of all. Fear contracts us. It does not foster true prosperity.

What really works for the creation of a happy, vibrant society is when we have a more expansive, win-win attitude.

When we live and work with unity and harmony, life becomes a richly rewarding experience.

It is important to bridge the gap between generations, between villages and cities, between our farmers and society.

It is important to be aware and even more important to awaken to the dangerous repercussion of mindless living. Clean food, clean water, clean air. It is our God-given right to have access to these three basic elements. Yet, we are making ourselves an endangered species by our myopic actions motivated by short-term gains.

It is time we think of the bigger picture. It is time we understand that in the happiness and prosperity of others lies our true happiness and prosperity.

As someone has rightly said,
“If you want to go fast… walk Alone.
If you want to go far… walk Together.”

So let’s walk together and go far in restoring balance to our life and our planet.

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